Where do razor blades come from?

Razor blades are made of a special corrosion-resistant steel blend called carbide steel because it's made with a tungsten-carbon compound. A razor is a razor tool that is primarily used to remove body hair through the act of shaving. Types of razors include straight razors, safety razors, disposable razors and razors. The blades you can find aren't the blades of common plastic cartridges or anything that can fit in your modern razor.

These blades come from the so-called “safety razors” of the early 20th century. These double-edged blades might be returning to fashion, but in the 1950s, the only method for men to shave at home was causing a big problem. Here's a look at what these razors and 13 other everyday objects looked like 100 years ago. Tasan and graduate student Gianluca Roscioli devised an experiment to examine the progress of razor wear after each shave.

After examining several different commercial razors, the team discovered that they were all made of a similar alloy of steel and hardened carbide. Because the materials were similar, the experiment used only one brand of razor. The safety razor blade comes in one piece, but has two sharp edges, and once attached to the top of the handle, a man can shave with either side before having to rinse, saving time. Rinse your razor half the times with a single shave, which also means the blade stays sharper and lasts longer.

The double-edged safety razor designed by King C. Gillette was not the first razor to place the blade perpendicular to the handle of the razor (that was William S. Henton in 184), but it is an essential design element to include a blade with two sharp edges. With a double-edged razor, since the blade itself is the only interchangeable part of the razor, you can choose the blade that best suits your hair and skin type.

They said that the first razor cut facial hair and the second one tore out the follicle, which also appeared to slow overall hair growth. It was a smart financial decision for Gillette to refrain from selling stainless steel blades because its customers had to dispose of carbon blades more often, which meant they bought more and royalties generated additional revenue. This variant of safety razor is a revolutionary innovation because it was the first time a disposable razor was the first razor blade of its kind to have two sharp edges. This created another reason, besides the dullness of the blade, why the razor blades would have to be replaced.

In 1962, a British company called Wilkinson Sword began selling the stainless steel blade, which didn't rust as quickly as the carbon blade. In addition, it is common for these cartridge heads to have several razor blades placed in them, typically between two and five blades.

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