What Everyday Items Have Blades in Them?

The art of wet shaving offers a wide range of customization options that can help you get a much better shave. If you've recently switched from cartridge razors, there are a few things you should keep in mind that you didn't have to worry about before. One of those is the brand of razor blade you use on your safety razor. I remember six years ago, I would have kept those sharp bottle caps to use on my skin.

I would have even left a mark of self-harm at that very moment out of sheer curiosity. It was difficult for me to put those covers in the back of the closet and stop thinking about what “in the past I would have done with them”. I was also proud to be able to do just that: push sharp objects away. The blades you can find aren't the blades of ordinary plastic cartridges or anything that could fit in your modern razor.

Family HandymanHandy Razor Blade Storage It's practical to have straight cutting blades for additional use near the work table, in the kitchen and in the garage. If you find that you have to keep going through the same area for several strokes because the hairs don't seem to be cut evenly and, likewise, if you find that the razor pulls uncomfortable at your hairs instead of cutting them cleanly, you probably need a sharper blade. You can also buy knife banks suitable for this purpose that work almost like a piggy bank, with a slot at the top, but usually without an opening so that once a blade enters, it doesn't come out again. To use this type of epoxy, cut a piece with a razor blade or a multi-purpose knife and knead it with a gloved hand.

Many wet razors simply change the blades every 3 days instead of running the risk of having a lower than normal shave; others will wait until they can feel the telltale signs of a worn blade before being replaced.

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