The Best Knife Blade Styles for Every Situation

There are numerous aspects to take into account while selecting the best knife blade style. The type of blade you select can have a significant impact on how effectively your knife performs in a variety of situations, including regular use and outdoor activities. The various blade types and their ideal applications will be discussed in this article.

Wide Drop-Point Blade HVAS 

The large drop-point blade of the HVAS makes it perfect for use outside. It also makes use of CRKT's Field Strip technology, which enables you to disassemble the entire knife for cleaning and maintenance by turning a lever and a wheel. 

Drop-Tipped Blade for Bugout 

The Benchmade Bugout, which was designed with camping and hiking in mind, weighs just 1.9 ounces and has a drop-tipped blade for adaptability in a range of circumstances. a form like a leaf with a straight edge and a spine that joins the edge at the tip by curving downward. The blades on sheep's legs are made to cut and reduce the chance of unintentional punctures. 

Sheep's Leg Blade for Roadies 

Despite the fact that it is now used as a rescue tool, it was originally used to clip sheep's hooves. The circular hollow in the Roadie's long, curved sheeps leg blade serves as an alternative to a puncture in the nails and facilitates opening. 

Sheep's Leg Blade for Pilar 

The broad sheep's leg blade looks like a miniature blade and is named after the vessel that Ernest Hemingway used to hunt German submarines in the Caribbean during World War II. This blade's straight edge and curved spine resemble a sheep's leg, however the curve in this design gradually widens from the handle to the tip. 

Blade of Wharncliffe Fastball 

Although the blade of the Wharncliffe Fastball is more angular than others, the outcome is the same. The James Brand combined a Wharncliffe blade to a modern design in an effort to create a piece that will endure long enough to be preserved. Wharncliffe blades were typical in vintage craft knives. 


One of the greatest folding pocket knife designs ever is the Sebenza, which is produced by Chris Reeve Knives in Idaho. It has a blade with a clip tip that is modest. 

112 Ranger Buck 

Buck's 112 Ranger, which was first offered in the early 1970s, has become a standard illustration of an American pocket knife. It has a conspicuous clip-tipped blade and a distinctive form.

Gerber StrongArm

This hunting knife set includes a large blade with a belly hook and a smaller one for trimming. knowing that this knife with a gut hook will mainly be used outdoors, Gerber gave it a durable rubber handle with good grip.

Benchmade Bugout

The Benchmade Bugout knives are a series of lightweight and compact folding knives, According to Knife and Carry that have become popular among outdoors enthusiasts and everyday carry enthusiasts alike. These knives are known for their minimalist design, reliability, and durability, making them ideal for a wide range of tasks, from camping and hiking to everyday cutting tasks.

Swamp Selkirk 

The 4.13-inch, 420HC stainless steel hook blade on this premium hunting knife from Buck has a walnut handle for a traditional appearance. 

Invoice Stockman 

The opposing side of Buck's Stockman's pointed knife has a clip-tipped blade and a sheep's leg. In addition to the needle, this knife has a clip-tipped blade and a lovely bone handle. 

Blades with a Clip 

To give a clip-tipped blade a thinner, sharper tip, the rear is trimmed or eliminated toward the tip. The clip's tip enables for a more accurate cut and is made to fit into small, awkward spaces. The portion of the sheet that has been cropped or clipped may be straight or slightly bent. 

Although clip-tipped blades are excellent for general purpose use, their thinner tip can make them much weaker than other types of blades, such as points. 

Blades that Drop 

When a knife has a dropping point, the blade forms a "V" shape as it tilts over the blade's spine and eventually meets the sharp edge. The curve above a drop point is always convex, in contrast to a delimiting point that employs a concave curve. When skinning an animal, the drop point design of hunting knives is ideal since it takes care not to pierce the animal's internal organs. 

However, due to its suitability for daily usage, drop-tipped blades are seen on a lot of knives. 

Spherical Blades 

A spear-tipped blade has a symmetrical shape, with the tip lining up with the axis's centre. In contrast to knives, which typically have a single edge at the tip and a straight back, true spear-tipped leaves have a double edge and a central spine like a dagger or spear.


When it comes to choosing the right knife blade style, it is important to consider the specific use case and desired outcome. The HVAS wide drop-point blade and the Bugout drop-tipped blade are ideal for outdoor applications, while the Roadie sheep's leg blade and the Pilar sheep's leg blade are useful as rescue tools. Check out the pocket knife buying guide. The Wharncliffe Fastball blade and the Sebenza are suitable for everyday use, while the Buck 112 Ranger and Gerber StrongArm are great for hunting. Ultimately, it's up to the individual to decide which type of blade best suits their needs.

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