How to Safely and Sustainably Recycle Razor Blades

Are you wondering if razor blades are recyclable? The answer is yes! You can safely and sustainably recycle used razor blades by collecting them in a metal razor box or a metal container of your choice. We recommend securely sealing the container with adhesive tape before recycling. Disposable razors that are a 26% blend of plastic and metal and rubber cannot be recycled, but you can recycle individual blades made entirely of metal, like the ones you would use in a double-edged razor. The easiest way to recycle razor blades is to store them in a container specifically designed for disposing of razors.

If you can't buy one of these, you can make one yourself from a tin can. You can then recycle the entire can along with the blades, making life easier. Leaf Shave provides a metal blade recycling can that can hold several years of used safety razor blades. Alternatively, consider buying or making a razor blade bank to make it safer and more sustainable to dispose of razor blades.

According to Rockwell Razors, it's safe to pick up safety razor blades in a metal blade safe or in a tin can, which you can then recycle along with the metal in your curbside recycling program. So don't just throw away the disposable razor or blade cartridge in the trash after you finish shaving. Instead, take the time to properly dispose of your razor blades and help reduce waste.

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