Is a Knife Block the Best Way to Store Your Knives?

Knife blocks are a popular way to store knives, as they look great on the counter and keep your knives securely contained. Magnetic knife blocks are a good option for simple storage, but they can be a safety hazard if the magnet is not strong enough and can degrade knives if not cleaned properly. A chef's knife typically measures between 6 and 12 inches and has a curved blade. It is not as effective for chopping or dicing as a chef's knife, nor is it as handy for peeling vegetables or fruits as a peeling knife.

Sohla prefers her canvas knife roll, which is made of real, natural canvas that won't easily cut a blade. It is usually smarter to build up a collection of knives over time, investing in one or two chef's knives and possibly splurging on a santoku or slicer, while saving money on cheaper peeling knives and bread knives. It is important to store them in a knife bag or other protective covering to protect the edges of the blade. A magnetic knife bar is an alternative to a universal knife block that keeps your kitchen clean and modern without the same worries.

The magnets are strong enough to hold the blades securely, but not so strong that they cannot be removed forcefully. Both knife storage solutions offer more flexibility than knife blocks without sacrificing safety or aesthetics. Storing knives in a drawer does not mean putting them in with other kitchen utensils or in a drawer-sized version of a knife block. This can wear down the blade prematurely, and leaving it on the counter is not ideal either.

If you don't clean the magnetic knife holder regularly or if you store dirty knives, particles can scratch the blade. Knife blades are exposed when stored in a knife block, so they can pose safety risks if you have small children in the kitchen. Some people worry that the strips that leave the magnetic rails exposed could damage the blade of a knife when placed on the holder, but this has not been an issue for me. With a saya, you can safely store a knife in a drawer and then take it with you on a picnic without having to carry an entire roll of knives.

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