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Why do you throw a knife by the blade?

If the launcher uses a turning technique, the knife will rotate during the flight. This means that the thrower, assuming...

Why razor blades in hats?

That's what a Peaky Blinder was. When someone is hit or headbutted.

Are blades knives?

The tip: the end of the knife used to pierce. The HVAS has a wide drop-point blade that is ideal for outdoor applications.

Can you order knife online?

Yes, you can order knives online. But certain types of knives are prohibited by the government.

Where do razor blades come from?

Razor blades are made of a special corrosion-resistant steel blend called carbide steel because it's made with a...

Can razor blades be taken in carry on luggage?

So people ask us about this all the time. They can be stored in hand luggage without the blade.

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Are razor blades recyclable?

Are razor blades recyclable?

By collecting double-edged razor blades in a metal razor box, you can dispose of them and recycle them in the metal bin...