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This section features inexpensive throwing knives which is ideal for beginners or those just getting interested in knife throwing..

Barringtons Sword

Site of a knife collecting supplier based in United Kingdom that sells ninja throwing knives. Their collection are from different respected brand name in this industry.

Outdoor - Knives

A section of an American collectible knives dealer based in Idaho that sells discount throwing knives of famous brands such as Cold Steel Knives and Boker Knives. They also supply Hunting, Combat, Pocket, Diving and Survival Knives.

Quality Throwing Knives

"Throwing knives for sale: American Dealer where you can purchase various styles of good quality, affordable throwing knives like the ""Deadly Chrome Rocket Thrower"" and ""Amazon Arrow Precision Design 10 Inch Throwing Knives"", all made from stainless steel blades."

Knife Collection

Knives dealer where you can find good quality throwing knives set like Jaguar knife and black knife throwing set made from stainless steel blades.

Happy Ninja

Online American knives dealer site from Utah that offers good quality and affordable throwing knives set made from different kinds of materials.


Knife throwing section of a Site based in California : Online price catalog for an important collection of good quality stainless steel blades throwing knives.

Eline Merchandising

American knife company from California selling throwing knives. They consider themselves knives specialists of the art of knife-making,they feautures an online price catalog of high quality daggers and other related products.

Dragon Swords and Daggers

Knives retailer based in California that has discount throwing knives for sale. Their also have medieval, historical, pirate, samurai, and ninja swords, daggers: authentic replicas of the tools used by medieval knights, and samurai or ninja warriors throughout the old ages.

Dragons Cavern

Knives dealer site from California that features a price catalog low price throwing knives. The products includes Large and Small invader and Large Tear Drop Throwing Knives.

Discount Cutlery

Online American custom knives dealer site that offers a variety of hand made throwing knives. It includes wildlife throwing knife set and C.S.A. civil war throwing knife set.

Collectible Swords USA

A well organized site that features price catalog for discount throwing knives. You will also find a knife throwing target for scoring games.

888 Knives R Us

"American knives dealer selling high quality throwing knives like the ""flaming skull single thrower"". All come in different shapes and sizes."

1st Rate Knives

Knives dealer that sells different types of discount throwing knives, all come in unique styles and designs. Also knife thowing set for sale


Famous American knife manufacturer from Washington where you can buy a type of stylized throwing knife that is completely protected by hardcased black coating, and are extremely scratch resistant.

Knife Off

Knives dealer where you can find high quality throwing knives from different knives manufacturers. They bring a wide assortment of automatic, collectible, combat, daggers, diving, folding, swiss army, hunting, survival, and pocket knives at extremely competitive prices.

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