Angel Sword

American knives manufacturer from Texas that features a knives price catalog which includes Japanese knives and tantos. All of their blades,japanese katana and more are one-of-a-kind creations built for extreme performance.

Brian Lyttle Custom Knives

A Canadian site which features a gallery with price catalog for Japanese knives and tantos. Most knives knives are made from Damascus steel. Some are made from ATS 34 and a few from straight high carbon steel.


A site where you can find a catalog of Japanese knives, fantasy knives, samurai and Japanese tantos.

Japanese Style Arms

American custom knives maker from Pennsylvania that specializes in making handmade Japanese knives and tantos.

Mike Snody

Online catalog for custom Japanese knives like Karma Kozuka, Narita Tanto and Karma Kubikiri.


"Japanese pocket knives for sale:This knife comes encased in a wooden scabbard made from Ho wood. The blade is a hand forged lamination of ""White"" steel and soft steel honed to a razor sharp edge"


Traditional japanese pocket knives for sale:These are japanese folding knives

Larry gotkin

Selection of japanese custom knives for sale:Few edged weapons in history can match the Japanese sword in workmanship, functionality, beauty, and subtle simplicity


Selection of samurai tanto for sale:The tanto is the knife worn traditionally by the Samurai. The tanto was not so much a working knife, but a secondary weapon that was kept with him at all time

Cold Steel

Selection of samurai tanto by cold steel :All this japanese knives feature a deep lustrous satin finish on the hollow ground blade bevels and a contrasting line grain finish on the blade flats.

collectable knives