Duel knives

A section of a knife manufacturer site based in Napier, New Zealand that sells factory fishing knives and other custom hunting knives as well.

Fern knives

Site where you can find factory fishing knives in this collectible knife retailer based in New Jersey. This company is the foremost online retailer of quality fishing, tactical and recreational knives.

The gerber store

You can buy fishing knives in this collectible knife dealers site based in Oregon. This store is dedicated to bringing you the worlds best selection of gerber products, manufactured by gerber legendary blades.


Dealer of fishing knives as well as other collectible knives. Youll find high quality knives, accessories and creative gifts here. Knives for hunting, pocket, fishing, cooking, military and more.

Skyblade knives

Based in Montana, this custom made fillet fishing knives maker features his collection. Knife designs crafted for big game hunting, bird hunting, fishing, skinning, camping, cooking, collecting and perfect gifts for all occasions.

Fish 4 fun

Section of a knives supplier site based in Florida where you can find fishing knives. Hook up with them for your fishing and boating news, information and products.


This is an American knives supplier site located in Virginia, where you can buy fishing knives as well as hunting knifes at the best price deal.

Outdoor gb

Fishing And Filleting Knives for sale :Functional Fishing Knives are essential to help maintain your fishing equipment and for gutting your catch on the spot

Brunas blades

Custom fishing knife maker, Brunas avid outdoor sportsman and a long-time fisherman,beleave that a knife is to performing in the field, whether for dressing game, filleting fish or general camp duties but it must not only be functional, but aesthetically pleasing as well.

collectable knives