WLE fantasy knives

A simple site of an American based in California where you can buy fantasy knives that come with a mounting plaque or stand. They also have a collection of unusual knives, shurikens and daggers from the common pen knives to very rare knives.

Twiggys Treasure

An American fantasy knives dealer from Florida that offers a wide a selection of discount fantasy. They have been selling knives of all types such as samurai blades, collectible replicas, movie and cartoon knives like Zelda and Excalibur.

The Steel Source

Online American knives dealer based in New York that deals custom made fantasy knives, like Tritons Blade,Cobra Knife and Fred Carter knife.

The Collectors Edge

American fantasy knives dealer from New Jersey that offers a wide array of fantasy replica knives. They are a one stop internet shop for practical and fantasy cutlery of all types.

Sword Depot

High quality fantasy knives for sale by a dealer based in Saskatchewan. This includes the Hibben Dragon Lord pin and Hibben Griffyn Collectible pin knives.

Surplus Store

Dealer from Sussex, United Kingdom where you can buy fantasy knives like Jaguar split blade knife , Enigma Damascene blade and Biomech reverse fantasy blade, all in very affordable prices.

Kit Rae

"Online shop based in Tennessee that has price catalog for fantasy replica knives . Products include limited edition of ""Sword of Darkness"" and the ""Black Legion Battle Knife""."


German fantasy knives dealer site based in Stutensee that features models of mystic fantasy knives for sale. All knives made from PM Damascus steel and Mirorpolished blade.

Replica Dungeon

An online American fantasy knives dealer based in North Carolina that features price catalog for their collection of fantasy knives. They also carry samurai blade knives, knights and medieval daggers.

Medieval Weapon Art

Dealer from Illinois where you can buy fantasy knives. Their selection is made of different kinds of blades. They have dragon knives, skull knives, Hibben collectable knives, bowies and even display stands and carrying cases in wide range of prices.

Knife Sword

Dealer from Oregon that offers a fine selection of quality fantasy knives for sale at discount prices. They pride themselves on being able to give their customers the product and service they deserve.

Knife Center

Knife dealer from Maryland where you can buy fantasy knives in discount prices. They have Lord of the Rings products, Black Ronin collection and United Volkoth series.

Beckwiths Blade

Dealer from Houston, Texas that sells high quality fantasy, exotic knives. They also carry a large assortment of hunting, fishing, pocket, tactical, throwing knives. They offer only name brand knives at below retail prices.

1st Rate Knives

Dealer from Georgia where you can find custom fantasy knives for sale. They also offer a wide variety of quality knives and swords, along with personal defense products and a collection collectable knives accessories.

Jacques Jobin

Fantasy knives maker from Quebec that sale custom made fantasy knives. Examples of his handmade collection are Squadron of push daggers and the Pegasus knives. All of his knives are unique pieces and already in private collections.


American knife dealer from New Hampshire that sells fantasy knives. Their mission is to provide top quality knives, multitools and personal security products at below retail prices while providing a superior customer experience.

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