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Daggers knives
  • Antique daggers online resources about antique daggers for sale or just a collection, they were initially made of flint, ivory, or even bone and were used as weapons since the earliest periods of human civilization.

  • Daggers replicas sites that has daggers that are being replicated but still capable of either stabbing or cutting.

  • Handmade custom daggers lists of sites about daggers that are handmade typically made with double-edged blade used for stabbing or thrusting often used as a secondary defense weapon in close combat.

  • Fantasy daggers online sites about fantasy daggers associated with elements like fire and air for casting your circle, spellworks, ceremonies, clebrations and collections.

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Dagger knives

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What is a dagger, Learn more about dagger knives, the most treacherous knife swords ever made and there association with assassination and death of heroes.

History of daggers, Learn more about dagger history the first sword ever made, daggers were dominating martial arts for thousands of years.

Nazi daggers, German daggers were not real weapons but it represented a symbol of power among German soldiers during World War II.

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