Scotia Metalwork

"Handmade collectible knives maker site based in North Carolina. With heat and hammer, each is forged to shape, then it is ground and heat treated. All of his blades, even the small ones, are differentially heat treated to give a hard edge and a tough but flexible back, and they will show a ""temper line"" (in Japan it is known as a hamon). "

Randall King knives, inc.

Section of a site where you can find North Carolina custom knives. This US company maintain the highest quality standards in the knife industry, by utilizing the most elevated technology available.

Tommy McNabbs knives

Maker of North Carolina custom knives which features his works on this site. His knives are expertly crafted for people who appreciate superb handling characteristics in elegant custom-made knives.

Sterling custom knives

Site where you can find North Carolina custom knives. Has been in business since 1991 making folding knives for users and collectors using the stock removal method.

Nichols custom knives

An US handmade collectible knifemaker site based in North Carolina. The goal of this site is to bring to you a constant selection of fine US custom made knives.

Sharpe knives

US handmade collectible knifemaker based in North Carolina. His metal of choice is ATS-34, cold rolled bar stock. Knives are made using the lost metal process. Blades are tempered to a RC hardness of 58.

Tim Britton hand made knives

SIte of a handmade knifemaker in North Carolina which have been making knives very seriously since 1971 and have been a member of the knifemakers guild since 1973.

collectable knives