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Collectible pocket knives
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Collectible pocket knives

Different types & uses of pocket knife


Pocket knives, also known as folding knives are the most popular of all the different types of collectible knives today.


A pocket knife has a blade that fits inside the handle and that is small enough to fit in a pocket. Blades are typically no larger than 3 to 5  inches in length.


This type of knives are very versatile tools, and may be used for anything from opening an envelope, to cutting twine, to slicing an apple.

Collectible pocket knives

Within the folding knife category there are many special types and manufacturers. Most American collectors are interested mainly in knives mass produced for practical use in the United States.


There are many different types of pocket knives on the market today.


A Jack knife is simply hinged at one end, but it may have more than one blade at the hinge. Of course the blades fold into the handle and the knife is safe to carry, either in your pocket on in a small pocket knife sheath. A jack knife is thought to be the most popular type of pocket knife among backpackers, hunters, fishermen, campers, and the military. It can also be a colletor knives.

The Multi-blade knives like boy and girl scouts knives, Swiss Army knife, and Tool Pocket Kits are the second most purchased pocketknife design sold today. Usually they have scissors, corkscrew, screwdrivers, can openers, perhaps a wrench, tooth pick, and everything else.


Another knife, the pen knife, is hinged at both ends of the handle and most have two or three light blades at each end. It is a good knife for those that want more than one type of blade. It was originally designed years ago to cut or shape pen quills that were used in writing at the time.


One positive aspect of a pen knife is it is smaller and very light weight when compared to a jack knife, which may vary greatly in size and weight. The pen knife is considered by many to be the third most commonly carried pocket knife in the world today.


Custom pocket knives are also in demand in the market, it is the perfect collector knives. Because of its cuztomized blades and handle, it attracts more & more collectors. Some are also into vintage pocket knives  & old timer knives because these are already tested by time and the value is much higher than a new one.

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