butterfly knives for sale : American knive dealer from California where you can buy cheap butterfly knives . Butterfly knives also called balisong

Balisong World

A good quality site owned by of an American collectable knives maker from Texas that sells inexpensive butterfly knives. Each balisong knife come in different styles and sizes.

Site of a Filipino custom collectable knives maker from the Batangas where you can purchase butterfly knives from the best quality traditional Filipino method of making balisongs. Most knives are made from High Carbon Steel Blade Materials.


An American custom collectable knives maker from Massachusetts, specialized in making high end butterfly knives or balisong. They also feature many unique edged selections chosen for their excellent designs.

Knife kits

Butterfly knives kit for sale :The Typhoon Balisong is the worlds best selling butterfly knife Compared in quality to Benchmade, Microtech and others, this balisong kit will enhance your tricks, technique and hold up under hard use or combat situations. The balisong is made in the sandwich style construction from solid stainless steel

Balisong collector

The Internets Largest And Premier Balisong Collecting Site.Your Best Online Resource for butterfly knives.Over 1000 pictures... and counting.

World wide knives

Inexpensive butterfly knives for sale:The balisong knife have a blade which folds into the handle when not in use, but which locks open like a fixed blade. Cannot be shipped to all states--please consult your local laws before ordering. Cannot be shipped to California or Massachusetts

Mens effects

Selection of quality butterfly knives . This site is perfect for when you want chinese butterfly knives or fine yet inexpensive butterfly knives

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