Horizon outdoors

Online dealer from North Carolina that offers switchblade automatic pocket knives from different high quality manufacturers. Youll find the most diverse selection of automatic switchblade knives on the internet.

888 Knives R Us

Website of an American factory automatic knives dealer from Florida that features collectible knives for sale. They also features some tips and information about their specific items.

Knife off

This is a webpage of an American collectible knives dealer that offers a wide selection of discount factory automatic knives which comes in different styles, sizes and designs.

The British Knife Collectors Guild

Knife dealer site that features an online price catalog of high quality automatic pocket knives. All assisted opening knives are made through incredible cutting-edge technology combined with automatic assisted blade deployment systems and a ground breaking design protocol.

Josh Smith Knives

Site owned by an American knifemaker that features beautifully custom made automatic knives. All of his fine selections are by damascus steel.

Lone Wolf Knives

Section of a site owned by an American knife maker in Oregon which specializes in creating high quality automatic knives and other related products. This company was founded with the goal of producing the finest semi-custom knives available anywhere in the world today.

Zima Knives

A Colorado based knife enthusiast that features automatic discount pocket knives and related products. All blades are hollow ground using the highest quality steels available including carbon steel, stainless steel and speciality Damascus.

Oso grande knife and tool company

They have a large selection of fine production automatic knives, hand crafted customs and collector knives as well as a wide range of specialty gear and equipment. Their prices, selection, and customer service is the best in the industry.

Unique blade

Offers high quality automatic switchblade knives, butterfly, balisong, Italian stilettos, spring-assisted and much more. They have been collectible knives business for over six years, promising unique edged knife products at reasonable and wholesale pricing.


Selling automatic switchblade knives . This is a reason why they have been around for many years, through their close supplier relations, they pass on the savings to you. All of their products are priced the same or below what you would pay if ordering from overseas, plus you save international shipping charges for products not manufactured in America, and do not risk any custom seizures.

Jax knives

Online store that offers automatic switchblade knives for fire, rescue, military, law enforcement and collectors. Their inventory of automatic knives is constantly being upgraded and improved. They dont ship products outside the United States.


Italian Switchblade Knives manufactured in Italy by the oldest Switchblade knife makers in the business in the same way they have been made for decades. The Italian Switchblades knives sold are not reproductions are authentic original Italian automatic knives

The Automatic Knike Association

Association that present a quarterly publication to switchblade aficionados - with articles on every aspect of assisted opening knives written by experts in the field of automatic knife

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