Scottish Sword and Shield

An American antique knife dealer from Washington that features his high quality collectible knives. You can check their price catalogs in their site. In addition, there are newly manufactured dirks, claymores, sgian dubhs and basket-hilts.


Section of an Australian site where you can find replicas of antique knives. They have complete collections, from antique swept Hilt medieval dagger to Arkansas grooved bowie dagger knife.

Syndicate Armoury

This Indian antique knife dealers site displays their online price catalog. Among their collections are army gorkha dagger and rajasthani katar. Also sells medieval items and bayonets.

Michael D Long Ltd

A section of an antique knife dealers site based in United Kingdom where you can find vast collection of antique blades. All of their items are from world war 2 and the German government officials dagger.

Swords of Honor Armory

An American collectible knives supplier that features their online price catalog of antique dagger knives replicas, most of them are historical daggers from the early Roman times to the Renaissance and Medieval times.

Swords From Toledo Spain(SFTS)

Site of a Spanish manufacturer of high quality handcrafted antique dagger knives and medieval replicas. They also offers knife collecting antiques and other related items.

Fredericks antique swords

American antique knife dealer which features old daggers and swords. Serving the collector by mail. Their collections covered all periods and countries which always the unusual and hard to find items.


Antique knives for sale: Selection of old fixe blade knives and vintage pocket knives.

Jays Knives

Presentation of Old timer antique knives & vintage folding knives for sale.

Mattox Knife

Antique pocket knives for sale by Charlie Mattox: He has been collecting and selling old Case pocket knives since 1970 and have developed a very good reputation. I specialize in having clean, good looking knives with pretty handles. I am also a former board member of the National Knife Collectors Association (NKCA).

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