Knife collecting

What you have to know before starting your knife collection.


Knife collecting for beginners, Know everything you need about starting knife collecting and get hooked with this hobby! It is not only fun and cool, it can be beneficial to you as investment.


How to start a knife collecting hobby, Know the eight step-by-step guide in starting a knife collection.


Getting Started with Collectible knives, A thorough learning about the common things needed when you are to start your knife collection.  Read on if you plan to be a collector.

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Knives values, Ever wondered what your knives are really worth?  Know that knife collecting is truly worth it with the following tips to determine the value of your knives.


Knife forums, The best place for you to know more about knives, “meet” people who have the same passion, and get the answers to questions you’ve always asked from the time you started collecting knives.


How to make knives, Get encouraged making your own. With these basic steps on how to make a pocket knife, you would appreciate your knife collection even more.


How to sharpen knives, As a knife collector, it is a must that you know about knives sharpening. There is no where else to go, you’d have to rely on your self for the care of your knives.


How to throw a knife, The sport of knife throwing could be fun and interesting, but takes a lot of caution and information.  Read on before trying it out.


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