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How to start a knife collecting hobby

Many knife collectors are looking for a specific knives era, types, designs or even the manufacturers, while others purchase only limited editions or they choose knives with a particular theme or history.

Italian switchblade knives

Italian switchblade knives have distinct characters and charms reminiscent to the age of the knights in shining armor and princesses imprisoned atop towers. They often exude festive but regal designs due to the colorful handles and sleek narrow blades.

Discount pocket knives

Discount pocket knives are great for those who may still be particular about the quality but are shopping around for pieces sold normally with a respective price but for some awesome chance it is on the market of a lesser price.

Large folding knives

Large folding knives, also known as folders, are simply those knives that are bigger than a pocket knife but can still be folded when not used.

Combat survival knives

Combat survival knives can help you protect yourself, as well as use it offensively once you get hungry and decide to hunt or just by opening a bottles or tins of food when you are in the middle of nowhere.

What are automatic switchblade knives

Automatic switchblade knives, otherwise known as just switchblades, automatic knife, switch or flick knife, is a type of knife which has a bit of reputation.

Large survival knives

Large survival knives are widely used for people who enjoy the outdoors. Mountain climbers, campers, hunters, military men or just about all outdoor buffs need this ultra functional knife to keep everything afloat outside the confines of a house.

Bolo knife

From its heroic start in history, the bolo knife eventually evolved into some thing more purposeful.

Cool folding knives

Cool folding knives come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and brands. Some people purchase these folders as some call them for their functionality, design or collectors value.

Affordable pocket knives

When you say functionality of these affordable pocket knives, a common person not particular about the specification, may say a penknife is just as good as a lockback pocket knife.

Collectible knives and swords

Collectible knives and swords are popular chiefly for their value and rarity. Most of these valued weapons can no longer be crafted or are still crafted but there is limited production because of its value or purpose.

Knife values

Protect the value of your knives, educate your self and realize that it takes a challenging responsibility being a knife collector.

Getting Started with Collectible knives

The bread and butter in collecting collectible knives. They are useful tips that can get you through the challenges of being a beginner.

How to make knives

Try out knife making and see if you can be a potential knife master. As a start, you may follow these basic procedures in making yourself a knife.

How to sharpen knives

Easy ways to care for your knives and information about knife sharpening. Know all these and you are in for a long lasting knife.

How to throw a knife

Reminders before engaging yourself in throwing knives activity. First on the list should be a lot of care.

Knife Collecting for Beginners

Knife collecting for starters can never sound this easy and manageable; you would not have to worry about sustaining a huge collection of survival, pocket, or fantasy knives!

Knife forums

If you are in for a knife search, then, the knife forums will be of great help. They will provide you with answers and other information of everything in and out about knives.

Use of Automatic Pocket Knives

A handy tool for protection, survival, and other purposes is an automatic knife. You can use it and bring wherever you go.

Types of pocket knives

An article presenting different kinds of pocket knives for your choice of collection or for utility.

How to use small tactical knives

Protect your knives from deterioration so that you can make use of them for a longer time.

What are tactical combat knives

The tactical combat knives are multipurpose; you would always choose to have one ready for your self. See these knives as a perfect tool.

Different Type of Automatic Knives

Learn what different type of automatic knives you would want to collect. This article will be helpful for beginners and masters alike.

Butterfly knives

A wonderful addition to your collection is this knife which originated from the Philippines. They do not only come handy as tools, they are artistic as well.

Case knives

If you want to collect knives for investment, Case knives are best for you. Their value increases with time.

Crocodile Dundee Bowie Knife

The two original Crocodile Dundee knife steel blades are still owned by Mick Dundee himself and the writer and producer of the film. That shall stay that way.

Karambit Knife

A knife hailing from Asia, its exotic name also entails an amazing story of culture and meaning.

Kershaw Knives

To learn more about Kershaw varieties of knife collections, read on this article about this company history and how it has greatly developed after more than 30 years of existence.

Rambo Survival Knife with Compass

What could be more valuable than the original Rambo knife? A collectors item you would surely want to own.

Best hunting knife

The best knife for hunting are not always the large ones, see what they are then when you read this article.

Gerber hunting knives

Gerber is not only for legendary blades, they are as well for legendary gears. The one-stop shop for everything that deals with hunting.

Hunting knife sharpener

Sharpening is not at all tedious if you have the most efficient sharpening tools. With these three knife sharpeners, you can still sharpen your hunting knives the right way.

Tanto Knives

Tanto knives are not only best as collection items, they can be useful for your cutting needs as well.

Bowie knife

Learn how the bowie knife got its share in American history and how it received fame worldwide.


It is better to be ready with a good machete while being out in the wild. So find out how you can sort what is the best machete.

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