What are automatic switchblade knives

Learn more about switchblades & how they work


Automatic switchblade knives, otherwise known as just switchblades, automatic knife, switch or flick knife, is a type of knife which has a bit of reputation due to media coverage such as films and television series.

The side opening and out of the front (OTF) are the two types of automatic switchblade knives but both have blades that slide out with a press of a button, lever or a grip of the handle.

automatic switchblade knives

The former’s blade slides out from the side like an ordinary folding knife and the latter’s blade slides out directly out of the handle; this type also comes in two types, the single action and double action.


There are several other types of automatic switchblade knives and like all other owners, they choose the kind which would suit them best or to add to their collection.


So literally, it’s a button, lever or grip triggered knife which is seemingly threatening if there aren’t any measures employed on the knife itself to make sure that the blades of these automatic switchblade knives won’t be sliding out accidentally. There’s an endless list of a variety of safety measures such as button or lever mechanisms, spring configurations and the like so collectors are usually aided by printed materials for differentiation.


Automatic switchblade knives, just like other varieties of knives like combat survial knives, butterfly knives are considered offensive weapons so certain countries have laws with regards to owning and carrying these knives. Countries such as Australia, Canada, Germany, New Zealand,United Kingdom and specific laws for the states of the United States either prohibit or regulate the possession and ownership of these knives.


Despite the media hype about these automatic switchblade knives, the audience must always understand that any knife can be always positively or negatively be used so owners must be responsible and vigilant when in possession of these weapons.

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