Use of Automatic Pocket Knives

What are automatic switchblade knives? Learn how they can be useful to you


Automatic pocket knives are those with folding or sliding blades within its handle and can usually be deployed or opened by a spring.  With their small size, it is very convenient to handle that people find it very useful for protection against some bad guys at night and for other purposes. But do you want to know how these different type of automatic knives came to existence and how they evolved?  Indeed, this knife has also a story to tell.

automatic pocket knives

Also known to collectors and enthusiasts as automatic switchblade knives, the predecessors of automatic pocket knives were first used by individuals as weapons for self defense and were made not for massive production.  As early as the 1700s to 1800s, these were already used and then were made of wrought iron.  As the time went by, these kinds of automatic knives were already used for weapons in wars and yes, with blades that could be deployed by springs.

From being a personal weapon, these knives were eventually commercialized and were out in the market for bulk production after the American Civil War.  Along with the industrialization, is also the innovation of the designs, features, and uses of affordable pocket knives with makers from different countries around the world.  One example is the switch folding knives where the blade comes out from the handle once you press a button or a lever.


However, the popularity of automatic switchblade knives gained a bad reputation because it had been accessible even to the youth and the public did not like the idea of this.  The knives were not used exclusively for self-defense anymore but were said to be used by young gangsters to spread violence. 


So came the proposal of regulating the production and distribution of automatic knives to the public.  As a matter of fact, nowadays, there are countries and states that do not allow the minors to bring these discount pocket knives anymore and some other more countries require licenses before you can own them.  However, there are still quite a number of knife makers and manufacturers, and a population of knife collectors as well.

Other than this, there are other kinds of pocket knives (not automatic) as well.  There’s the Balisong also known as butterfly knife or Batangas knife, or canoe knives, and multi-blade knives that are for different purposes – carpentry, sewing, camping, etc.  There are also pen knives and Italian switchblade knives which are small and lightweight and are popular among knife collectors and users for its utility and portability.

Whatever kind of automatic switchblade knife it would be, be sure that you are taking care of it whether it is a collection or a tool for you. In caring for your automatic pocket knives, just put them in boiling water and let them stay there until they are clean.  In this way they are not only cleaned of visible dirt. But of course, it could be dangerous to deal with dirty knives! Let the knives dry and you may also polish them to make them look good as new. With the right way of handling them and with the constant cleaning, you will make the most of your automatic pocket knives.

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