Types of pocket knives

Pocket knife typology: learn more about the different kinds of pocket knives.


What would the world be without the ever useful pocket knives? Perhaps humans would have enormous teeth that they would use to cut wires or open cans and bottles.  Maybe people would maintain extremely sharp nails to slice the fish which is their food for a camping.  Or maybe even if there were just knives and not pocket knives, everyone must carry loaded backpacks everywhere just to bring knives outdoors.  Imagine the kind of hassle that gives!

automatic pocket knives

These handy knives are indeed ideas of a genius.  If you don’t know about these types of knives, read on and be enlightened of things you ought to know especially when you plan to be collector of knives.  To delve into the interesting world of knives, here are the different types of pocket knives.


Automatic switchblade knife is one pocket knife that is very popular especially among collectors.  It is very useful and handy, given of course, if you got them from a quality manufacturer.  These are so called automatic knives where in the blade is hidden in its handle and the knife shall be opened by a press of a button.  This innovation is caused by a spring that causes the blade to pop out of the handle either it shall slide from out of the tip or fold and be concealed through the side.  Switchblades, being easy and fast to handle, are the types of pocket knives that you can carry along with or without a planned need for it. The famous Italian switchblade knife is also known as the Stiletto.


Jack knives are another kind of pocket knives.  They are compact folding knives and are single-ended with hinged blades at one end.  Vintage designs of them are also popular among knife enthusiasts especially of their exotic and rare beauty.  Though they are primarily single-ended, there are also a few models out there that are double ended.


Butterfly knives are also part of the pocket knives typology. Also called "Balisong" which originates in the Philippines, it is a one of the most sought-after knives in the world.  The butterfly knife is a cool folding knife having two handles that rotate around the tang.  When the knife is closed, its blade will be concealed within the handle groves.  One thing that makes it popular is that the users are fond of using moves and tricks in handling the balisong for entertainment.

Pen knives, unlike the jack knives are those types of pocket knives that are double ended.  They, however, also have hinges in both ends of their blades and most of the time, they could come in two to three lightweight blades.

Multi-blade knives: Merely by its name, you would already have an idea what kind of pocket knives they are.  Despite their being bulky unlike the most pocket knives, they stay as the most famous and most purchased knives because of their utility.  They can have screwdrivers, bottle/can openers, and scissors and are for many the specific uses of course.

They are different types and uses of automatic pocket knives. After all, it is you who shall do the buying.  What is the most important thing is you know why you are getting yourself a pocket knife – most likely because of their beauty of their usefulness, ideally it should be both.

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