Tanto knives

Utility or Beauty? Either way, a collectible knife like the Tanto knife works best.


What are the qualities you search for in a knife? Do you simply look at its appearance or at how it could serve its purpose? Well, whether you go for the beauty or usefulness of a knife, the Tanto knives could serve either way.


The Tanto knife is a Japanese short sword with a 15-30 cm blade length. It has a double-edged blade and is practically used for stabbing.


Tracing back the history of Japan, you will find that this knife has been widely used especially in trying times. It first appeared in the Heian period. 

Japanes Tanto knife

Back then, the knife designs were not really made artistically since the knife was primarily for defense purposes.  Women themselves would bring smaller type of the Tanto called the kaiken.  In addition, this Japanese knife is also famous to be used in the ritualistic Japanese suicide – hara-kiri, thus this knife is also named as the harakiri tanto knife.


Maybe that explains why collectors take a fancy with samurai knife because of its rich epic. It was only during the Kamukara period wherein high-quality tanto started to appear and it was Yoshimitsu who was the known to be the greatest tanto¬ maker in the history of Japan.

In the 1980s, Cold Steel popularized the tanto knives style. For 25 years, no other company has produced tanto knives that have a quality better than Cold Steel. And even up to now, this company still keeps innovating high quality collectible knives and swords.  They should be because the population of knife collectors is quite growing as well aside that they can get more demanding in terms of quality.

History aside, this samurai short sword (apart from katana and wakizashi) is just one of the types of samurai swords which can be used in various martial arts like in aikido, in jujutso, or in modern arnis which takes place as a dagger.

Like Bowie knives, daggers, or drop point knives, this samurai knife has thin points. But what makes this so different from any other knives is the fact that it is as tough as it appears! Aside from stabbing, they are also used for slashing.


Even with repeated use, one would find a hard time damaging the knife tip. It has a reinforced end, making the blades extra strong which knife buyers or collectors have always been interested with for the many years. This feature actually makes this short sword one of the famous collectible knives! It also has a primary (the straight knife-edge) and secondary (smaller portion which arcs upward) grind. With this attribute, you can make snap-cuts or other distinctive cuts. The fact that they are usually made with thick spines to resist overuse is definitely a plus.


But then again, whether they are for use or for decor, keep your tanto knives dry before it corrodes because before you know it, it might already be ugly and vain. Those with steel handles are also very prone to rusting, so they are also cared for like steel blades. So you ask what you could get from these type of knives. Well, it is quite obvious already. This is no ordinary knife with all those physical attributes and historical background!


Indeed, knife collectors like you would never regret having a tanto knife. Instead this will become one of your very prized possessions. Aside from its unique style and forms, it has a piercing power to perform its point. In this case, you can have maybe the best knife collectible yet.
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