Learn more about the guaranteed best survival fixed blade knife.


You would not want to be left alone in the wilderness without a machete with you – a dependable one at that. In fact, it may be the only thing you need so you can survive out there.  It cuts, grazes, mallets, mines, or even toils.  It is handy and does the basic and crude jobs for you.


For over 300 years, machetes are known to be the best survival tool.  It is a kind of fixed blade knife which knife collectors could not miss to have since it is most of the time affordable and functional.


While tribesmen in Africa consider this as one of their very prized possessions and probably a basic need, it also offers various qualities that any person searches for in a working knife. This knife is almost identical with a bolo knife (used in the Indonesia, Philippines, and Cuba) since bolos are also large cutting-tools and purposely used in rural areas. They are usually 3mm thick and 50-60 cm long which means they must have a good weight in them. A bolo, however, is also said to be under the category of machete.


Also known in South and Central America as “matchet”, this huge knife can break open hard bamboo stems or a coconut and may cut branches of trees. When you get stuck in a forest, this fixed blade knife, can be your savior. It can make a clearing on your trail by slashing off tall and bushy plants against your way or when you get trapped in the forest by dusk, you can chop wood and make fire. It can cut fruits for your food or herbs for your medicine. And though you would not really hope for it, when wild animals would come to attack you, you can use your tool for self-defense.


The machete is widely used in many tropical and subtropical countries wherein there is thick vegetation. But aside from that, this knife is also readily used as a weapon especially in uprisings. That of course, if you are in uncivilized and isolated areas.


Usually in third world countries, this huge cutting tool is considered as a very sharp knife. On the other hand, many movies have featured this kind of knife.  A popular example is Rambo, where Sylvester Stallone starred on, wherein he used this type of knife as his ultimate weapon in his attacks to soldiers.  Consequently, his knives in all Rambo series became as popular as the films that the Rambo knives have also become famous collectible knives.


But so much for that, how do we qualify a dependable machete knife? A good matchet should have a huge weight in them and that comes from the blade which is millimeters thick. This is so not to send your knife flying in just a second when you are applying full force in chopping lumber or slaying hunted animals.


A very thin blade is useless that it could just fracture when put to tough use when in the first place they are intended for rough and hard jobs.  The blade must also not be too glossy and clear because that does not manifest sharpness. In addition, a good blade is made of high carbon steel which is as sturdy as the grip.


The handle is usually black and is made of stronghold compounds while the sheath should be made of very thick, flexible plastic so that it covers the knife from blade handle to tip. The sheath is needlessly attractive.
Actually, there are yet many factors to consider in buying a machete if you search in through the net. There are many types and styles of it available in markets whether you opt for a working matchet or another one of your collection. It is a good thing that they are generally not very pricey but have dependable quality.

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