Knife values

Know how to protect the worth of your knives


In knife collecting, one very common question that you might ask is what your knife values are.  A practical question actually, because it might be a way to keep your collection growing.  In that way as well, you will not lose the point of starting a knife collecting hobby when you would feel you are not getting anything sensible from it anyway.

This question mostly would also come from those collectors who see their collections as an investment. 

Collectable knives


Hunters or other collectors who constantly use their collectible knives and swords may not be very concerned about this since to gain a higher value for a knife, it must be not deteriorated if not touched yet.  Preservation is a great tool to have higher knife values.


To know how you can assess the worth of your collectible knife values, follow these tips.

The best thing to do is to educate yourself by some reading and researching.  If you are an authentic knife collector, it is very possible that you somehow have an idea where to find these resources.  If you are a newbie, however, you can choose to browse through the internet and participate in knife forums for possible information.  Knife collector groups have websites wherein they post news and events that will help you with the basics of knife collecting including how to find or preserve your knife values.

The appraisal of your collectible knives may differ and it would depend on the type of your knives and timing. It is a common rule too that the older your collections the higher their values are.  However, this is only if your collections are still in perfect condition.


worth of collectible knives

That is why if possible; store them in an area where they are less likely to be damaged.  If you would have to clean them, clean them the proper way using the proper cleaners.  Better yet, before doing anything with them, ask the experts.  Signs of deterioration of the thing may also mean deterioration of the knife values. This may go to other collectible items as well.


Other than sufficient materials, you may also need to be updated of auctions and knife shows.  You don’t really have to participate in them if you are not sure yet what happens there.  Merely by attending the auctions, you would be exposed of how price ranges and are compared.  More so, experts of knife collections would surely be flooding there so you would not have a problem on whom to ask about your queries.  Surely, they would be glad to give you a hand.  There is no better conversation than talking about the same interests.

Another practical way to know your knife values is to know your knife.  Actually, even before you had purchased your knife, you should’ve known what’s behind the knife.  Well, patterns and designs could be a consideration to evaluate the worth of your collectible knife.  Brand name is also a common factor because the more reputable the brand, the higher is the value of your knife.  Well, it is quite logical that a higher quality product deserves only a high price.  And another tip which is no secret?  Rare pieces could be the most valuable pieces there are! As a matter of fact, they are the ones usually auctioned.

To summarize everything, aside from investing on higher knife values, also invest on your mind – that is, you have to be knowledgeable of the knife, knife collectors, knife show, knife brands, everything that revolves around knives. Truly, that is all you need to start off the passion of knife collecting and mind you, it’s gonna be a long way and a gradual process, so keep some patience along.


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