Italian switchblade knives

Learn more about the Stiletto, the legendary Italian switchblade knife


Italian switchblade knives have distinct characters and charms reminiscent to the age of the knights in shining armor and princesses imprisoned in a top tower. They often exude festive but regal designs due to the colorful handles and sleek narrow blades. Compared to the regular switchblades, these weapons are handmade and are originally manufactured in Italy by renowned knife makers. This famous collectible knife is also known as Stiletto.

Italian switchblade knives, stiletto

There are a lot of variations and dimensions of the Italian switchblade knives, some look like the typical automatic knives but when you look closely there is that distinctive nature that sets it apart. It has a blend of the classic and contemporary style and actually works differently too.


Most Stiletto have levers rather than buttons and their blades are sleeker and more pointed and they come in different styles too.


Though there are also designs similar to the regular switchblades, Italian switchblade makers try to suit the taste of both genders with how they play with the colors in the handles.


These Italian switchblade knives look more like collectibles rather than used for real everyday cutting jobs but with the sharp looking blades, there’s no doubt these knives could as well fillet a sole or slice tomatoes for burgers anytime.

Collectors can mount these pieces on top of their marble fireplaces and nothing could go wrong.Then if they need to peel an apple while lounging in front of the fire then these knives could do the job as well.

With a felt box and an elegant card to match, these Italian switchblade knives can be wonderful presents on birthdays, anniversaries and even during the holiday season.

Husbands would definitely love to receive such intricate pieces from their wives, and wives may also appreciate receiving these Italian switchblades knives and turning them into family heirlooms for generations to come.

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