How to use small tactical knives

Tactical knives may require proper handling if not proper training to make full use of their features


Using small tactical knives may depend on what are your purposes in purchasing them.  In general, tactical knives are primarily designed for trained hands because they are usually used for defense and tactical operations.


By trained hands, we may mean soldiers, military men, and the likes. Considering that these men’s jobs are quite demanding, it goes without saying that a tactical knife is very useful for many purposes.

tactical knives

 Nevertheless, it does not mean that only they are the ones who make use of the versatility of small tactical knives because ordinary people can also use them provided that non-soldiers or others know how to use small tactical knives.  In survival knives collecting, this is actually a must.


Handling the knife is one of the first important things to consider in using a tactical knife.  Wrong handling may be the start of something dangerous not only for others but maybe for your self. To start with, think about how you will hold your knife securely.  You can do a tactical or defensive grip which you will learn if you train with a knife suited for the grip.  It is simply because not all knives can be held in tactical ways.

Other than the grip and handling, your knife blade will also be depending on how to use them.  Straight blade knife is best for chores, sawing, or for rescue work wile angular blades are best for actual defense or fight.


A small tactical knife can also be used in ripping or slashing.  Say you are in a jungle without a trail, you can use your tactical knives to slash bushes around so you can have a clearer view if not find your way to your destination.  If paired with a compass if you are that ready (which is supposedly expected of you), then you are in for a perfect adventure of finding the way!


Remember that your knife could be your lifeline, so it is essential that before anything else, you must be familiar on how to use small tactical knives. You see that your knife is truly functional as a tool.  As mentioned earlier, your small tactical knives may also be used as weapons.  An important reminder is that use it as a weapon only for self-defense.  When you are being attacked by an animal out in the woods, your tactical knife can protect you.  Don’t forget the tactical grip so that your weapon won’t slip from your hands.  But before that fate befalls you, why don’t you practice things first.  You can’t really rely on adrenaline rush plus tactical knives, can you?

Apart from learning how to use small tactical knives, also know how to use them for a long time.  What’s the thing to do then? It is that simple thing called maintenance.  It was said that handling the knife could be dangerous...maintaining it could be as well.  So, maybe you can also make use of your handling expertise even while cleaning or sharpening your knife too.  Self-defense from self doesn’t sound really bad anyway.

After using your knife, make sure that you clean and keep it dry.  Cleaning, after all, is one of the best preventive ways from deterioration of anything. In sharpening your knife, be sure that you know how it is done.  Though you can have your knife professionally sharpened, it may not be very economical.  Be careful in choosing a stone as knife sharpener.  Sometimes, they may be the cause of hasten dullness of your knives.  Use specific stones, and know how to sharpen knives.

Those are basically the tips you ought to do.  Though you are not a soldier, a military man, or a cop, you must know how to use small tactical knives especially if you are into survival knives collecting.

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