Different Type of Automatic Knives

The features of different kinds of a switchblade knife you want to know


Move away from conventional knives (not necessarily from medieval knives though, for the sake of art). If you are a knife collector, it is time to update yourself with the different type of automatic knives. 


They are not only the trend of knives today; they also have improved features and uses for your needs and perhaps to your vanities as a knife enthusiast.  Stick to this avenue of your passion and learn about your automatic knives.

Type of Automatic Knives

Automatic knives or switchblades knives are those having blades that spring out from the handle through release mechanisms such as pressing buttons or levers found in their handles.


What are automatic switchblade knives and what are there types? Well, there are basically two types of automatic knives and they are the side-opening (or folding) automatic knives and Out-of-the-front (OTF) switchblades.

The side-opening switchblade is one the different types of automatic knives with similar release mechanism to that of an ordinary folding knife. Its blade pivots from one side of its handle.  On the other hand, the OTF switchblades have blades that spring out from the tip of the knife handle.  The blade will also retract when the button also used to extend the blade is pressed (in the case of a dual or double action OTF).


Consequently, the OTF switchblade knife also has the single action type.  Unlike the double action, the blades of single action OTF will not retract by a press of a button but keeping the blade back within the handle must be done manually instead.  Stronger springs are made for this type of automatic knives.


Aside from buttons and the manual way, there are other types of release mechanisms for the automatic knives or switchblades.  Some of these mechanisms are Lever lock, Reverse Lever, Bolster Release, Toggle, Press Button, Squeeze Knife, Clamshell, and Modern Spoon.

Remember that springs are the lifeline of your switchblade knife.  Without the springs, its description and purpose of being “automatic” is defeated.  After long use of your knife, you may need replacements for their springs.  Such coil springs are specifically designed for an automatic knife and may be found in knife kits that you need for the maintenance of these automatic knives.

In the same way with looking for credible knife makers, you would also have to find reliable manufacturers of knife springs.  For sure, they are the ones who know how to make knives of high quality that will provide and assure you of springs of long lasting and highly efficient performance.

In the process, if you are not an expert at repairing and replacing parts for your knives, it is highly advised that you go to knife shops. In there, you can expect to encounter staffs who know best of what you have to do as collector and what kinds of repair your collection of automatic knives need.  It is up to you if you’d want to take the risk and do repairs and replacements yourself though.  Just calculate the risk well.

Those were some useful information that hopefully, had given you more idea of the mechanisms of switchblade knives. You can check out knife forums online if you have to.  As you go on with your being a knife collector, bear in mind to be a responsible user.  Naturally, knives are hazardous for in fact they are used as weapons.  Nevertheless, as the owner, you take accountability for what may befall on you and your priced collection.  Keep them away from children and if you ever want to keep the knives near the kids, make sure it is because you are trying to educate them about the real use of your automatic knives collection.  For that is the spirit of a true knife collector.

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