Crocodile Dundee Bowie Knife

The most popular movie prop in history could easily slip from your hands



Crocodile Dundee can never be forgotten.  Or maybe make that, Crocodile Dundee bowie knife will forever be known.  Whichever is which, they both can be true.  The famous line “That’s not a knife, now this is a knife!” by Crocodile Dundee in the 1980s movie had been still alive and so is his iconic knife.  Why not really, when the knife itself had been a dream by many knife collectors.

Dundee knife

Then on, after such recognizing of Dundee’s knife, knife enthusiasts had been wondering what his knife could be.  Well, not for long, it had been discovered that the Dundee knife is a Bowie knife.  Bowie knives are first made by master knife maker James Black but where more made popular by Jim Bowie (so, that’s where the name Bowie comes from).


The Crocodile Dundee bowie knife had been prominent in many scenes of the Crocodile Dundee movie starred by Paul Hogan especially that his character had always been involved with fights.  Fights with the crocodile too, needless to mention.  It had been one of the most famous props there are in the American (and Australian) movies history and been considered one of the best hunting knife.

While many knife lovers would want to get their own of the knife, it is said that only aluminum replicas are available for sale to those who want to be Dundee…in a way, that is.  Hogan himself and the Crocodile Dundee writer and producer John Cornell, however, own the two steel blade Crocodile Dundee bowie knife and it would remain as such.  The two owners do not intend to sell their knives just yet.


The aluminum prototypes were the ones used during the filming in most of the scenes and not the original version.  Those replicas are the only pieces auctioned in London and Sydney, Australia.


His knife, some said, was at least ten inches long.  It was a large survival knife, no doubt, because he was always out in the wild and he would use it for hunting.

Since for now, it is impossible to have the original steel blade for your self you can consider letting it slip from your mind.  But then again, you can always choose to get yourself the aluminum and rubber replica for your collection.  They are not very hard to find nowadays and manufacturers would be glad to see you visit them.

You don’t have to be left out as a knife lover with your replica of the Crocodile Dundee bowie knife.

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