Combat survival knives

A brief explanation what is a combat survival knife & what are its uses?


Combat survival knives are popular to enthusiasts who venture into the unknown. Combat knives can be large survival knives at the same time and vice versa, so when people try to find information about them they end up getting either of the two groups.


Any knife, from the smallest such as discount pocket knives to the cumbersome ones like bayonets can be considered combat survival knives depending on how they are used. There are specific combat and fighting knives but they’re perhaps good enough to open a tin of sausages or cut rope too.

Combal survival knives


When you’re in combat, fighting for your life and all that, the bottom line is, you are trying to survive. But if it’s the other way around, when you want to survive, usually you end up combating or fighting against almost everything especially when you’re in an uncivilized territory like the forests, mountains, or even under the sea.


Combat survival knives can help you protect yourself, as well as use it offensively once you get hungry and decide to hunt or just by opening a bottles or tins of food when you’re in the middle of nowhere.


It can be a great help when you set up shelter if pitching a tent isn’t possible.

There are probably a million ways of using survival knives collectibles without losing human lives.

Certain cultures have resorted to warfare to expand territories in the beginning of time. Combat survival knives such as machetes, bolo knife, bayonets, trench knives, daggers, the wazikashis and tantos were historical implements forged to aid in combat and the survival of the fittest. Since "First Blood" movie, Rambo survival knife becomes extremely popular among knife collectors.


In the civilized society, combat survival knives are still essential tools for the military, explorers, and the like. These weapons like the balisong or butterfly knife used for self-defense are fostered by martial art techniques.

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