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We are devoted to promote the art & passion of knife making, the hobby of knife collecting & facilitate exchange & information in the collectible knife community.

Knives Guide

Our Guides are articles that are written in a simple yet serious manner in order to instruct and help new knives collectors about various topics related to knife collecting.

There are also articles in our knives guide that gives information about your favorite knifes such as automatic knives, folding or pocket knives, promo knives, discount & cheap knives and a lot more.

We also feature famous knifes used in your favorite movies like crocodile Dundee knives and Rambo survival knives, fantasy knives and many other legendary knives & ancient historical knives.

Knife Directory

We have 19 categories under our knives directory. We listed knive related webpages and placed them in their relevant & specific categories for easier searching.

Inside our directory are listings of online resources, guides & information for collecting, buying & selling collector knives.

Knive enthusiasts can include their sites in our listings by submitting their knive related websites using our “Add your site” page.

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