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Starting knife collecting - knife collectors guide about the hobby of cutlery collecting, articles about many topics, knife values, knife forums & communitu sites, how to make knives, how to sharpen knives, knife collecting for beginners etc.

Pocket knives - section devoted to pocket knife collectors. Cutlery guide about what are the different types of pocket knives, automatic folding knife, tips on where to find discount pocket knife, cool & affordable pocket knives.

Survival knives collectibles - survial knife collecting articles, tactical combat knives, use of small tactical knives, large survival knife etc.

Automatic switchblade knives - basic information before starting automatic knife collection. Different types of automatic switchblades, Italian stiletto, laws with regards to owning and carrying these knives, etc.

Famous collectible knives - cutlery guide about popular, rare, famous knife brand & types of knives, case knives, Bowie knives, karambit knife, Ramboo knife, etc.

Hunting knives collecting - knife collectors guide about hunter knife collecting related topics, what is the best hunting knife, about the popular gerber hunting knife.

Fixed blade knife - knife collecting articles about popular fixed blade knives, types of bolo knife, Bowie knives, machetes, etc.

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It is better to be ready with a good machete while being out in the wild. So find out how you can sort what is the best machete...

Bowie knife
Learn how the bowie knife got its share in American history and how it received fame worldwide...

Tanto Knives
Tanto knives are not only best as collection items, they can be useful for your cutting needs as well...

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Collectable Knives

Collectible Knives Directory Main Categories

Collectible pocket knives folding knife directory where you can find the pocket knife that match your needs, vintage pocket knife, custom folding knife, old timer knives.

Automatic knives list of knife online stores specialized in selling automatic switchblade knives, buy affordable & discounted automatic knives in this section.

Tactical knives online resources & shopping directory for tactical knife collectors, buy the tactical fixed blade of your dream browsing the catalog of knife dealers specialized in tactical folding knife, military tactical knives, custom tactical knives & knife sheath.

Survival knives survival knife directory of collectible knife stores specialized in different types of survival collectors knife. Buy combat survival knives, Rambo Bowie knives or hiking survival knives.

Bowie knife shopping resources for Bowie knives, links to Bowie knives for sale for manufacturers & huge directory of custom made Bowie knife makers.

Daggers knives complete resources online for daggers. Collectible knife dealers of antique daggers, daggers replicas, hand made custom daggers & fantasy dagger.

Hunting knives knife shopping resources about different types of hunting knives in the market, place to purchase folding or fixed blade hunting knives & custom hunter knives.

Fishing knives large directory of websites selling online fisherman knives, large selection where you can find the fishing knife you're looking for.

Throwing knives links to knife dealers online specialized in throwing knives. Check their catalog & buy the throwing knife of your choice.

Japanese knives resources to buy Japanese knives online, list of reputable collectible knife dealers specialized in dealing knife manufactured in Japan.

Butterfly knives directory of websites butterfly knife related dealers sites & pages where you can buy all knids of balisong, large catalog of batangas knives from the Philippines.

Karambit knives listings for Karambit knivesOutdoor furniture resources at 2 Clicks, with shopping guide & online directory about outdoor patio furniture.

Fantasy knives directory of fantasy knife dealers, section where you can buy your favorite movie knives replica, fantasy knife or anime knife.

Knifemakers knife resources of the most popular & reputable knife companies, manufacturers in the world, purchase from them quality, authentic, affordable knives.

Custom knives links to handmade knife makers section of our cutlery directory divided in US custom knife makers, foreign custom knifemakers & custom knives dealers online.

Antique knives collectible knife companies selling all kinds of old knives, a place to find vintage knives in order to complete your knife collection.

Knife auctions list of knives websites offering knife auctions online & reputable auction houses specialized in antique cutlery auctions.

knife sheaths huge directory of knives online store selling all kinds of knife holders & knife sheaths that will match your favorites knives.

Knife collecting directory of knives sites devoted to the hobby of knife collecting, knife collectors sites, US & foreign knife collector associations, knife values, appraisal, price guide, forums & magazines, books, shows & museum.

Newly added web sites

Knife Art
If you love custom cutlery you will love these knife books... Each one is a real wealth of information and contains high quality photographs. These selected knife books will enhance your knowledge and long term enjoyment in custom knife collecting.

Engraved Kershaw Knives
Kershaw is an American knife company. We can laser engrave your logo on either the handle or blade. Engraved Kershaw knives are valuable business gifts and safety awards.

True North Knives(TNK)
Canadian Custom knives online dealers who is a purveyors of high quality handmade knives and superior production blades. This site is a showcase of the finest, handmade by custom knifemakers listed in the site.

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Date Description Type
2017-01-21Mtech jose negro fixed blade karambit
A fixed blade karambit with nylon sheath. Has acid washed design on blade....
For Sale
2014-11-20Black Bear Intimidator wanted
Looking for new or near new Black Bear Intimidator large folding knife. Any color handle....

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